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A very low quality video of the Bloopers for the Season IV DVD, which would be so much more enjoyable if the quality were better.

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Guess ABC is not swooping in to save Medium. After seven seasons, this supernatural show/mystery/domestic drama is coming to an end. Was it revolutionary? No. But it featured one of the most realistic families on television (all the psychics aside), its leads had tremendous chemistry, and I for one will miss it. Let's take a moment to list some of my favorite episodes.

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I stumbled across this completely bizarre video on YouTube this morning, and I had to share it. It’s a little bit older, as Patricia Arquette has longer hair, but it’s an interview with in which she discusses her top 5 urban legends. They start out normal enough, with the legend of cats having 9 lives. Then, things get progressively sillier. She talks about cats being grown in bowls, a variety of snow people, and how Saskwatch is a fancy foreign name for Bigfoot. The video is compeltely random and completely hilarious. Check it out below:

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Some old Promotional TVSpots from NBC from Medium's Thrid and Fourth Seasons. Videos are, unfortunately, of a really low quality.

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That was quicker than I thought; has uploaded the three available promotional images for Medium's Sixth Season, plus a few new Promotional stills for Medium's fourth season, which are variations of the older ones (its kinda hard to tell what's old or new).

Season Six

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Okay, went Browsing on YouTube again and found this absolutely amazing, if not a tad hoakey, Sci-Fi UK Promo for Medium. You Have to check it out. Its Fantastic.

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Three Promotional Images and Ten Episodic Stills For Season Five Released by NBC so far (found on Medium and [Daydreaming]). That and a couple of Season Three and Four Stills. I would love to know how people their hands on these kinds of promotional images given that NBC hasn't updated their gallery from Season 4 & 3 yet.

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53 Medium Icons for your viewing Pleasure (Contains Photos from the Upcoming Fifth Season in Icons #39 through #53). Nothin' incredibly fancy, just plain and simple. Enjoy!

(Then as it was, then again it will be...)
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Hello and Welcome to [ profile] dubois_love! As you can see, there are lot of things that need tweaking and adding (for starters, I really need a Header and a decent Profile Code). I tell I've spent the better part of my Early Mornings and Afternoon searching for the perfect Layout for this community when I came across the one created by [ profile] scholarslayouts. Feel free to post anything Joe/Allison Related. Tags should be available to use already, so use the ones provided. Remember the follow the rules and Happy Posting.

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