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Guess ABC is not swooping in to save Medium. After seven seasons, this supernatural show/mystery/domestic drama is coming to an end. Was it revolutionary? No. But it featured one of the most realistic families on television (all the psychics aside), its leads had tremendous chemistry, and I for one will miss it. Let's take a moment to list some of my favorite episodes.

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Hi all,

I've watched Medium casually for several years but am really getting into it this year. I've had several ideas for fic, but unfortunately I don't know enough details.

So here is my question. What do we actually know about Joe?

I know his father is dead, his mother was sick that one time, his sister's a bit flightly. And he's a genius mechanically. That's it, though. What else do we know about him? What's the fanon and/or canon?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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I have realized that it is hard for me to write Medium stories. But I have figured out why that is.

My stories are generally angsty and depressing...or at least my ideas are. And it's hard for Medium because the characters are based on actual people....and I'm slightly paranoid that if I think about Joe and Allison, the real Allison would know exactly what I'm thinking!

Haha, I know, I'm weird. But it's true and it's what I think.

Although, I do have good news. My Medium story is almost done! So it'll be posted soon!


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