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[ profile] nbc_medium (or rather the Medium fandom) has a counterpart on Tumblr via fuckyeahmedium. It's still relatively new and even if you don't have a tumblr account, it's worth checking out :).
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I know this is a long shot, but I feel like I have to try :)

I currently play in a group called [ profile] hearts_andminds, where I have Allison. Someone else has Bridgette and it's great fun, but we don't have a Joe! The game is fun and laid back, so if you think you might be interested, or you know someone who could be, please feel free to check out the game. Because Allison needs Joe ♥

(mods, if this is against the rules - which I did check - please let me know and/or delete.)
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Alright, I worked on this all day long and I'm hoping whomever drops this community can use this to their advantage. I've created four "Community Pimpage" codes, to spread the word about the MEDIUM communities wherever its allowed and if you are the maintainer of any of these communities, you can post the codes on the User Info Page. If you feel like it, post it in your Personal Journals for your friends to see if their interested in the series. Naturally, do not claim to have made the graphics featured as your own.

+3 More Codes Behind the Cut )
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Hello and Welcome to [ profile] dubois_love! As you can see, there are lot of things that need tweaking and adding (for starters, I really need a Header and a decent Profile Code). I tell I've spent the better part of my Early Mornings and Afternoon searching for the perfect Layout for this community when I came across the one created by [ profile] scholarslayouts. Feel free to post anything Joe/Allison Related. Tags should be available to use already, so use the ones provided. Remember the follow the rules and Happy Posting.

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