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Visual Pimpage (reupload to your own image host/server. Do not hotlink)
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[ profile] nbc_medium (or rather the Medium fandom) has a counterpart on Tumblr via fuckyeahmedium. It's still relatively new and even if you don't have a tumblr account, it's worth checking out :).
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For anyone searching for Season Six Screencaps of MEDIUM, visit the link located in the picture below. It'll take you directly to the MASTER List of screencaps from [ profile] dj_capslock .

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A reminder for current and future posters of this community:

When posting Fanfiction or any other Media here on [ profile] dubois_love, always remember to do the following:

When posting Aritcles or Fanfiction, always use a LiveJournal Cut Don't know how to make one? That's fine, you can easily educate yourself by clinking on THIS LINK. Do not attempt to post anything in Rich Text format then make a LiveJournal Cut, as the cut will not hide the content, but simply create a link above whatever you wish to hide.

When posting any type of article or fanfiction (among other things), its best that you post it in HTML formatting as opposed to Rich Text, that way you can successfully use the Livejournal Cut without problems. Only use the latter when you are creating links to things a LJ-Cut is not needed for, like an image or a link back your journal, unless you've got the image thumbnail (or link-back) codes memorized and can easily type it out in HTML mode.

ALWAYS use the Fanfiction Template provided in the Community Profile. Its there for a reason: To provide information on the story that you've posted (which will and should be hidden behind the cut).

Always tag your entries. I spent a lot of hours creating specific tags for almost every type of subject (and thensome) that could be posted here on this community and many others, so please don't make me backtrack and tag them myself, especially when you can do it prior to finalizing the post you create.

These are simple rules, created to keep things from becoming unorganized and cluttered (many of which are explained in the LiveJournal FAQ section). Failure to comply to these rules will have your post deleted. Thank you for your time.
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After some [kinda] persistent requesting [ profile] dj_capslock has been screncaping the Sixth Season of MEDIUM. The Community is Members Only so you'll have to join if you want to download the screencaps directly. Remember to credit: [ profile] dj43 for the caps if you use them. For requests of older seasons of MEDIUM that aren't already available in aformentioned community, visit: [ profile] capsrequest. Note: This'll be the place where I'll place all Screencaps for Season Six. A link shall be created to be put in the Resources thread.

As of June 30th, 2010, all of 22 Episodes of S6 have been screencaped

Episode: 6x01: "Deja Vu All Over Again" [HD]
Resolution: 1280x720
Screencap Count: 3500 caps
Download: HERE

Episode: 6x02: "Who's that Girl" [HD]
Resolution: 624x352
Screencap Count: 6300 caps
Download: HERE

Episode: 6x03: "Pain Killer" [HD]
Resolution: 1280x720
Screencap Count: 4200 caps
Download: HERE

Episode: 6x04: "The Medium is the Message" [HD]
Resolution: 1280x720
Screencap Count: 3800 caps
Download: HERE

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Earlier this month, I'd put in a request for a New Header to fit the community's new look and had been waiting for quite some time for it be fulfilled. Today I asked if anyone had gotten around to completing the request and I one of the moderators of the FanArt Board (on told me that someone had fulfilled the request on the 8th of October (around the time that my Internet connection failed), I felt rather silly for missing the post. So yeah, the New header is thanks to [ profile] shortiegirl06.
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Hello everyone as you've might've noticed, [ profile] dubois_love has got a new look, thanks to [ profile] milou_veronica (Profile Layout) and [ profile] estiloamor (community layout). Unfortunately, I do believe its time for a New Header (preferably one that fits the confines of the Community's new layout). Whilst I'm in the middle of working on my own header for the Com, would anyone else care to take a crack @ making a Header for dubois_love (I would love to see someone else's artwork)?
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The Pre-Season Six MEDIUM Friending Meme

This is basically a Friending Meme Ideal taken from [ profile] dieseledover @ [profile] supernatural_tv
and I figured the idea would work well here. Newcomers to Medium and loyal fans can fill out the list below in order to make new LJ-Friends. Naturally, this isn't a requirement, but something I figured I'd post just for fun. Have at it, folks.

Part I - The Basics:
Pretty simple, normal questions. Easy to answer.

Part II - The Show:
Questions related to the show. Feel free to elaborate and explain your answers.

Part III - The Faves:
Very simple questions about your favorites/preferences.

Part IV - The Rest:
And some random questions.

Please copy the form below, then paste it, along with your answers, in the comments. Read what others have to say, and if you find them interesting, ask to friend them! :)

Feel free to Pimp This Meme Anywhere.

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A New LiveJournal Community for fans of the rising actress, Sofia Vassilieva (Medium, My Sisters Keeper)! Join and browse around; engage in discussion withe fellow fans, post graphics (icons, wallpapers, banners/header, etc), fanfiction and info on the actress and her projects..
[ profile] vassilieva_fans
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Alright, I worked on this all day long and I'm hoping whomever drops this community can use this to their advantage. I've created four "Community Pimpage" codes, to spread the word about the MEDIUM communities wherever its allowed and if you are the maintainer of any of these communities, you can post the codes on the User Info Page. If you feel like it, post it in your Personal Journals for your friends to see if their interested in the series. Naturally, do not claim to have made the graphics featured as your own.

+3 More Codes Behind the Cut )
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Given that Medium Fanfiction Community [ profile] what_she_saw covers the FanFiction Challenges pretty good, I was wondering whether or not if anyone would actually particpate on a community dedicated to an 50/100 Icon Challenge for the series? I'm honestly a tad shaky on the details how the challenge works, I'm still working my way through the Techno-Babble that are "FAQs" and "Claims/Wating" Lists (my brain officially hurts from it all, but I'll live), but it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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Okay, Here are a Couple rules for anyone posting Fanfiction:

#1. The Template (Seen Below) is to list all available information on the story, including a "Prompt" if its a response to a challenge.

#2. Please include warnings for content in the description ([Graphic] Violence, Sexual situations, Strong Language, etc).

#3. Don't Forget to include a disclaimer and the optional authors note with the your story (preferably behind the cut).

#4. Include in the tags your username and the name of your story, like so:
Author: [ profile] weber_dubois22, Fanfiction: A Simple Matter of Consequence. If the title is too long, shorten or abbreviate it.

Fanfiction Template:
Word Count:
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Well, someone finally came through for me on a Request I made for a Header for this lovely little Community, on, and it has now replaced mine own. Not exactly how I imagined it, but its lovely all the same. Thank you CreekBee!
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[ profile] dubois_love now has a Header to go with its Community, made by yours truly. Its a little rough around the edges from my inexperience with the "Intelligent Scissors" and "Freestyle Select" (whatever its called), and the quality of the TVGuide image could've been a litte better, but its better than most headers I've created. What do you think of it?
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Wanna become an Affilate with dubois_love? Please leave a post here in the "Affilate" Entry to let me know and you'll be added pronto (or as soon as I get on the computer). Simple right?
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Hello and Welcome to [ profile] dubois_love! As you can see, there are lot of things that need tweaking and adding (for starters, I really need a Header and a decent Profile Code). I tell I've spent the better part of my Early Mornings and Afternoon searching for the perfect Layout for this community when I came across the one created by [ profile] scholarslayouts. Feel free to post anything Joe/Allison Related. Tags should be available to use already, so use the ones provided. Remember the follow the rules and Happy Posting.

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