Jake in Haiti & HONDA HYBRID Commercial

Jake Weber seems to be keeping busy by helping out fellow Medium co-star, Patricia Arquette, with aiding the people in Haiti. There are at least two pictures posted on the tweetpic account for GiveLove.org. Jake has also recently appeared in a HONDA HYBRID commercial. There's also a pretty nifty Japanese Website for Medium's Sixth Season you should check out as well.


Patricia Arqeutte Q&A: The Actress on South Florida Green Drinks

How would you like to meet up for some Green Drinks? Although Green Drinks may sound like the perfect name for some newfangled, health-conscious, eco-friendly beverage, it's nothing of the sort.

It actually stands for something much better: the name the Green Drinks nonprofit uses for its meetings, where South Florida members -- area professionals who share a common interest in being "green" -- get together for drinks to discuss ways to protect the environment. And this year, Green Drinks will be raising its glass to more than just good ideas when it celebrates its second-annual Eco-Lifestyle Gala with actress Patricia Arquette, this year's recipient of its Eco-Lifestyle Pioneer Award.

Green Drinks will honor Arquette for her work with GiveLove, the nonprofit Haiti relief organization she founded alongside Rosetta Millington-Getty in 2010. Arquette will also host the special fundraising event, set to take place May 19 at the Boca Raton Resort & Club.Recently, Charlie had an opportunity to speak with the celebrity philanthropist about her work with GiveLove, discuss what the Green Drinks award means to her -- and even get the scoop on her favorite eats when she's helping out in Haiti. Here's what actress Patricia Arquette had to say:

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Happy 43d Birthday, Patricia Arquette!


April 8th, 2011 marks Patricia Arquette's fourty-third birthday. If you wish, you can send her birthday wishes at her verified twitter account @PattyArquette. Many happy returns Patricia!

Medium - The 7th and Last Season of Patricia Arquette's Show is Announced for DVD

The 7th season of the show, starring Patricia Arquette, is coming to DVD on June 21st when CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment release Medium - The Final Season. The 4-DVD package running 563 minutes is presented in anamorphic widescreen video, with English 5.1 Stereo Surround and English subtitles. You'll also get the following list of extras, all enclosed in the packaging that is shown at bottom:

MEDIUM is the drama inspired by the real-life story of research medium Allison Dubois, an extraordinary wife and mother who, since childhood, has struggled to make sense of her dreams and visions of dead people. Dubois is a strong-willed, devoted wife and mother of three girls who has gradually come to grips with her extraordinary ability to talk to dead people, see current events and the future through her dreams and read people's thoughts.

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Midnight Souls: Joe/Allison Comment Ficathon


Visual Pimpage (reupload to your own image host/server. Do not hotlink)

Did CBS Cancel 'Medium' Just To Put 'The Defenders' Into Its Timeslot? Of Course Not

The Defenders dipping to a woeful 1.1 adults 18-49 rating on Friday brought out the aggrieved Medium fans complaining that their show had been cancelled for an even lower rated show:

  • user #1: CBS is missing the 1.5 of Medium now. Defenders suck and CBS is getting what’s coming to it–loss of an entire scripted night as the ratings are falling as they anger regular fans.
  • user #2: MEDIUM isn’t looking so bad now, huh???? Revenge is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • user #3: Well, Medium’s numbers weren’t so bad after all, were they, CBS?

Nonsense. Medium was cancelled because its ratings were terrible. The Defenders will also certainly be cancelled because its ratings are terrible. Once this season’s initial ratings results were in, there was/is absolutely no chance either show would make it to the 2011-12 season.

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Jake Weber to guest star on FOX's "Human Target" Season Finale

ACCORDING TO IMDB.COM, Jake Weber will appear in the season two finale of the FOX crime drama, HUMAN TARGET (Based loosely on the DC Comics series of the same name created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino), entitled "Marshall Pucci". The character he portrays is named Bill Fickner (of all things) and so far, his role is in this episode is unknown. Probably "suspect-of-the-moment". Regardless, the episode premieres February 9th, 2011 so be sure to check it out.

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Medium Season 4 Bloopers

A very low quality video of the Bloopers for the Season IV DVD, which would be so much more enjoyable if the quality were better.

Entry tags:

135 MEDIUM Icons (Spoilers)

135 MEDIUM (Season VII Icons):
[1-33] 7x12 ("Labor Pains")
[34-105] 7x13 ("Me Without You")
[106-135] 7x13 (Series Montage/Farewells)

(Suddenly it changes, violently it Changes)

Parenthood & Family Values... They must be Jewish!

Saying goodbye to Medium, the surprisingly Jewish television show that perfectly captured the realities of parenting, the depths of grief, and the joys of everyday life

Medium, which ended its seven-season run last week, was a show about ghosts, the afterlife, and general spookiness. But what it was really about was the messiness of family life. It presented the challenges of parenthood—funny, irksome, intimate, quotidian—as worthy of attention. “Can you make it to make our daughter’s soccer game?” was as important as “Why has the ghost of a murder victim taken possession of our video camera?”

If you weren’t a Medium watcher, let me fill you in. The show’s heroine, Allison (Patricia Arquette) was a psychic in Arizona who worked for the Phoenix District Attorney’s office, helping to solve crimes. She had to juggle her psychic visions, her relationship with her engineer husband, Joe, and the needs of her three quirky daughters.

It’s ironic that a show about the paranormal was so, well, normal. Allison didn’t look like the cookie-cutter starlets populating the TV universe. She wasn’t a size 2. She never wore spike heels to a crime scene. Her house looked like a real home, with unfortunate blue-and-yellow kitchen tiles I’m certain she hoped to replace as soon as they could afford it. Her girls squabbled at the breakfast table, and not in an adorable smart-assed sitcom-sassy way. I loved the show’s depiction of a loving marriage in which the partners fought and made up and had the same arguments over and over. (“Allison! Maybe that was just a regular dream, not a message from beyond the grave!” Oh, Joe.)

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Medium → fuckyeahmedium @ Tumblr.com

[livejournal.com profile] nbc_medium (or rather the Medium fandom) has a counterpart on Tumblr via fuckyeahmedium. It's still relatively new and even if you don't have a tumblr account, it's worth checking out :).

Exclusive Interview: Jake Weber channels the end of MEDIUM

TV's best husband talks the end of the run, growing co-stars and Zack Snyder.

For seven years on MEDIUM, Allison Dubois, played by Patricia Arquette, has seen and heard dead people, an ability she’s used to help the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office. Her three young daughters all share some version of her gift. The only person in the household who doesn’t have psychic qualities is husband and father Joe Dubois, played by Jake Weber. Joe may at times be bewildered, skeptical or even totally exasperated, but he is unshakably loyal and loving, attributes that have had the character rated in multiple polls as one of the best spouses on TV.

MEDIUM spent five years on NBC, ending on a cliffhanger on both sides of the camera before the series was picked up by CBS for another two seasons, which will come to an end this Friday night. This interview with Weber was conducted when it was not known whether an eighth season might be forthcoming. The actor, whose film career includes starring roles in U-571, WENDIGO and the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, sounds philosophical in any case.

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Reviews for 7x13: "Me Without You"

The following below are blog/website reviews for the final episode of Medium. More will appear as I find them.

“Me Without You” Season 7 Episode 13 – Many brilliant shows are dealt a swift death after their first season. Even worse are the shows with enormous potential which do not survive long enough to see their potential realised. Worse still are the shows which started brilliantly but linger on until even the most ardent fans are sick of it. Medium managed to elude these television tragedies. Sure, it had some stinker episodes, but it rarely felt complacent. It always pushed the boundaries and took risks thematically and stylistically. When people talk about the lack of depth in network television, they clearly have not seen Medium.

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Ask Matt: Summer-to-Winter TV, Fringe, Medium, Bones, Cape and More!

Question: As a fan of Medium since it began on NBC, I was sorry to hear of its cancellation, although I wasn't really surprised given its ratings this year. I was happy that CBS gave it a chance to go out with closure. I sat down to watch the last show Friday evening expecting to be entertained but not really sad. Was I surprised at myself, when in the final minutes after Allison as an old woman dies, her younger 2011 self standing there with the long departed Joe waiting for her, that I found myself with tears running down my face. This scene reminded me somewhat of the old movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, although we got to see Allison and Joe have a wonderful final kiss. The show certainly had always been about their relationship and family (the pictures of the girls with their families was a nice touch). Of course showing all of the cast members leaving the studio one by one was a nice gift to the fans who stuck with the show all of these years. Anyway, I am a sucker for an ending like the show had and I thoroughly enjoyed this final episode. I will miss it. — JG

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FIC: Joe's Goodbyes - 1/1

Title: Joe's Goodbyes
Fandom: Medium
Author: [livejournal.com profile] klutzy_girl 
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Joe, Ariel, Bridgette, Marie
Word Count: 725
Disclaimer: I don't own Medium and never will. No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: For the series finale, Me Without You
Summary: After visiting Allison, Joe visits his daughters to say goodbye.

TV Ratings: 'Medium' ends on high note for CBS, 'Fringe' dips after Friday move

Fast National ratings for Friday, Jan. 21, 2011: The series finale of "Medium," up by over 1 million from its penultimate offering, led the way for CBS to take Friday night. Another big entry for the evening was the new time slot for FOX's "Fringe," which performed well, if down by about 8 percent in total viewers from it's last original airing in its Thursday spot. It also showed slight improvement over last Friday's 9:00 p.m. entry, "Human Target."

Overall, CBS led with 7.2 million viewers and a 4.5 rating/8 share among households. NBC came in second at 5.8 million, 3.7/6, followed by ABC in fourth with 4.9 million and a 3.2/6, just ahead of fourth place entry FOX, which posted 4.6 million and a 2.6/5. CW reruns brought in 1.4 million and a 0.9/2. FOX fared much better in the 18-49 demo, winning the night with a 1.9. ABC (1.4) came in second, followed by tied CBS and NBC (1.3) and The CW (0.5) in last. [SOURCE]

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Medium's Final Message (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Medium has taken its fans on some intensely crazy rides over the course of seven seasons. Why should the finale be different? The CBS fright series — the victim of low ratings — will end its run tonight with the episode "Me Without You," which starts with psychic Allison Dubois and her family in the present day and follows them 48 years into the future.

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