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Question: As a fan of Medium since it began on NBC, I was sorry to hear of its cancellation, although I wasn't really surprised given its ratings this year. I was happy that CBS gave it a chance to go out with closure. I sat down to watch the last show Friday evening expecting to be entertained but not really sad. Was I surprised at myself, when in the final minutes after Allison as an old woman dies, her younger 2011 self standing there with the long departed Joe waiting for her, that I found myself with tears running down my face. This scene reminded me somewhat of the old movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, although we got to see Allison and Joe have a wonderful final kiss. The show certainly had always been about their relationship and family (the pictures of the girls with their families was a nice touch). Of course showing all of the cast members leaving the studio one by one was a nice gift to the fans who stuck with the show all of these years. Anyway, I am a sucker for an ending like the show had and I thoroughly enjoyed this final episode. I will miss it. — JG

Matt Roush: I loved the breaking of the fourth wall at the end, as all the actors waved goodbye from the set (while showing how much they'd changed, especially the kids, over the years). A treat and a gift for fans. I had mixed feelings about the episode itself, because the imagined court case (which Allison was dreaming in denial of Joe's tragic death) was so ludicrous and clearly unreal, and I would have liked to have spent more of this final hour with the family, which as you and others have rightly noted is what helped Medium stand out. The sentimental finish was hokey and corny, but probably fitting to echo an old classic movie, because who wouldn't want Joe and Allison reunited in the afterlife — while assuring us through a title card that the genuine articles are still alive and well. As JG and other fans wrote in — including Lindlee, who concluded her loving tribute by noting, "I'll miss my weekly dose of Medium, but I am grateful the show is going out on its own terms" — what's most important here is that the show was allowed to fashion its own finale after a long run.



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