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Guess ABC is not swooping in to save Medium. After seven seasons, this supernatural show/mystery/domestic drama is coming to an end. Was it revolutionary? No. But it featured one of the most realistic families on television (all the psychics aside), its leads had tremendous chemistry, and I for one will miss it. Let's take a moment to list some of my favorite episodes.

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With The Sixth Season Premiere only Five Hours Away (Here in the US-of-A), Bloggers and websites all over the web have been jotting down their "Preview Reviews" of 6x01: "Deja Vu All Over Again" like crazy. From IGN (<--- whose reviewing abilities suck in general) to Medium Dreams, you name it, those who had the privilgae of recieving that shiny disc in their mail, they've probably written a review. Me? I'm waiting for 9:00PM to see what I think about the new season's first episode. That said, I've posted a review from PoppMatters, but I haven't read it. Those who aren't afraid to wander into the land of Spoilerdom, read on if you wish.

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Medium: Season Six Premiere
Regular airtime: Fridays, 9pm ET (CBS)
Cast: Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, Miguel Sandoval, Maria Lark, Sofia Vassilieva, David Cubitt, Pruitt Taylor Vince
US release date: 25 September 2009

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