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Guess ABC is not swooping in to save Medium. After seven seasons, this supernatural show/mystery/domestic drama is coming to an end. Was it revolutionary? No. But it featured one of the most realistic families on television (all the psychics aside), its leads had tremendous chemistry, and I for one will miss it. Let's take a moment to list some of my favorite episodes.

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Jake Weber is "not interested in inviting scrutiny." But when you're the co-star of a successful TV series, that stuff happens. While he's eating lunch in a Los Angeles cafe, two young women can't resist coming over to say how much they admire his work and enjoy "Medium."

He's amused that the interruption comes just at the moment that he's talking about the "recognition aspect" of a TV star's life, which he says is "disingenuous for actors to complain about" even though he's not someone who would ever want to see details of his personal life in print.

"Medium," now in summer reruns on NBC, attracted an average 13.9 million viewers weekly in its first season. Patricia Arquette, who plays a crime-solving psychic who communicates with the dead, was nominated for an acting Emmy this month.

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Title: Routine Life
Creator: [ profile] weber_dubois22
Medium: MEDIUM (Season One)
Genre: Music Video
Song: Every Day is Exactly the Same - Nine Inch Nails
Rating: R (Violence and Sexuality)
Description: My first sucessfully excuted and saved music video for MEDIUM. About five years ago I attempted to make one, my first one, but alas nothing ever came of it (stupid computer problems), so I'm quite happy with how this one turned out. The inspiration for this video comes from watching Lost Highway and listening to Nine Inch Nails' "The Perfect Drug" a million times over. Sufficed to say, I ended up doing a major seasonal montage instead of that sweet Joe/Allison video I had my heart set on. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this.
Notes: Video Hosting Website Quality is Less than Stellar but viewable. No HQ Option to improve picture Quality.
Disclaimer: All Recognizable Material is Property of their Respectful Owners. [Not that they care]: No Copyright Infringement is intented with using either the music or video in this montage.

(Your Standing on It)
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Here are a Couple of German ---I think its German the announcer is speaking--- TVSpots Promoting Ghost Whisperer and Medium Together (on a channel that is not CBS :P).

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Patricia accepting Emmy award in the best actress in a drama category for her role as Allison DuBois on "Medium".

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Starting Tuesday, September 1st, Lifetime is airing Medium starting from the pilot. They’re showing four back-to-back episodes tonight, starting at 7/6 central. After that, starting at 7:00PM, there will be two episodes each night, through Friday. After Friday, some random episodes are thrown in, with season 1 resuming on Tuesday, September 8, at 7/6 central, with four more episodes. You can view the complete schedule here.

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A Series of Five & Four Part Interviews dubbed "The Truth Behind Medium", Ran, I think during the Second Season on Sci-Fi UK (I'm Guessing given the archive footage they use to refernce the show inbetween speaking). One features Paticia Arquette going over the various details of her role as Allison Dubois, her relationship with the cast and crew (directors, mostly), and her encounters with the real Allison Dubois. The other interviews feature Allison DuBois going over her gift as a Medium and her reaction to the show itself. I've probably watched these videos a dozen times over, they're really enjoyable.

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53 Medium Icons for your viewing Pleasure (Contains Photos from the Upcoming Fifth Season in Icons #39 through #53). Nothin' incredibly fancy, just plain and simple. Enjoy!

(Then as it was, then again it will be...)
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Hello and Welcome to [ profile] dubois_love! As you can see, there are lot of things that need tweaking and adding (for starters, I really need a Header and a decent Profile Code). I tell I've spent the better part of my Early Mornings and Afternoon searching for the perfect Layout for this community when I came across the one created by [ profile] scholarslayouts. Feel free to post anything Joe/Allison Related. Tags should be available to use already, so use the ones provided. Remember the follow the rules and Happy Posting.

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