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A New LiveJournal Community for fans of the rising actress, Sofia Vassilieva (Medium, My Sisters Keeper)! Join and browse around; engage in discussion withe fellow fans, post graphics (icons, wallpapers, banners/header, etc), fanfiction and info on the actress and her projects..
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Alright, I worked on this all day long and I'm hoping whomever drops this community can use this to their advantage. I've created four "Community Pimpage" codes, to spread the word about the MEDIUM communities wherever its allowed and if you are the maintainer of any of these communities, you can post the codes on the User Info Page. If you feel like it, post it in your Personal Journals for your friends to see if their interested in the series. Naturally, do not claim to have made the graphics featured as your own.

+3 More Codes Behind the Cut )
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[profile] bleeding_muse Icons is now a Affilate of [ profile] dubois_love! Please remember to leave a message in the Affilation Post if you wish to become one as well.
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Okay... Behind the cut resides a list of Medium-Related LJ Communities (this one included) and websites for the show and its actors respectively I posted on the profile of [ profile] dubois_love.

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Wanna become an Affilate with dubois_love? Please leave a post here in the "Affilate" Entry to let me know and you'll be added pronto (or as soon as I get on the computer). Simple right?


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