May. 12th, 2011

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How would you like to meet up for some Green Drinks? Although Green Drinks may sound like the perfect name for some newfangled, health-conscious, eco-friendly beverage, it's nothing of the sort.

It actually stands for something much better: the name the Green Drinks nonprofit uses for its meetings, where South Florida members -- area professionals who share a common interest in being "green" -- get together for drinks to discuss ways to protect the environment. And this year, Green Drinks will be raising its glass to more than just good ideas when it celebrates its second-annual Eco-Lifestyle Gala with actress Patricia Arquette, this year's recipient of its Eco-Lifestyle Pioneer Award.

Green Drinks will honor Arquette for her work with GiveLove, the nonprofit Haiti relief organization she founded alongside Rosetta Millington-Getty in 2010. Arquette will also host the special fundraising event, set to take place May 19 at the Boca Raton Resort & Club.Recently, Charlie had an opportunity to speak with the celebrity philanthropist about her work with GiveLove, discuss what the Green Drinks award means to her -- and even get the scoop on her favorite eats when she's helping out in Haiti. Here's what actress Patricia Arquette had to say:

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